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the xo experience - album & mixtape out now

Bobo Norco is the CEO of N.L.N.F Ent., an independent Hip Hop label, to which he is also the first artist signed. Local Hip Hop artist ReallyReal referred to him as "a jack of all trades". He attributes this moniker to Bobo being fluent in a variety of musical genres. You can find evidence of his charm and likable personality all throughout his music. With his respect for past influences, Bobo doesn't shy away from paying homage.


Living in NorCal and witnessing the independent bay area music structure has allowed him to become a self sufficient artist. Among collaborating with numerous Bay Area artists, he has released 2 albums, a compilation, and a mixtape as to date. Currently he is wrapping up the XO Experience, which plays more like a season or era, consisting of an XO Mixtape, an XO EP, an XO Album and numerous other stand alone singles underneath the XO Banner. Bobo Norco's music is available on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other accessible online outlets.

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